Evan Wiederkehr’s Testimonials

Professional and Competent

If you are looking for an extraordinary family lawyer who is effective and responsive, Evan Wiederkehr will exceed your expectations.

We had a complicated custody case that involved relocation, and demanded deep knowledge of New York law. We hired a lawyer who turned out to be completely incompetent, did the bare minimum, and lied to us about when she filed in court. We still have yet to get our money back. We lost precious time. Choosing the wrong lawyer comes with a high price financially as well as impacting children’s lives.

In the midst of our legal crisis, Evan was recommended to us by a fellow lawyer, a friend of his father’s. Evan quickly mastered the complexity of our case. He is bright, personable, competent, and genuinely cares about his clients. His humorous wit was an added bonus to alleviate stress during tough court hearings and negotiations.

Evan made an effort to truly understand the details of our case and to represent us fairly. He gained our full trust and was always candid if he did not agree with us. Even though the respondent’s lawyers were threatening, bullying, and unprofessional, Evan maintained his professionalism speaking with distinction, force, and conviction. Evan’s interactions with judges, lawyers, parents, child advocates, and others were always first-class and authoritative. Most importantly, Evan skillfully resolved our case, and we were granted relocation for the children.

We rarely give completely unqualified recommendations, but in this case, we recommend Evan Weiderkehr without reservations. He was devoted to our family, and our family is forever grateful.

Less as More

As an attorney who didn’t want to have a fool for a client, I retained Evan to negotiate and draft a settlement agreement between my soon-to-be-ex wife and me, rather than doing it myself. Of course, my wife had retained her own attorney, and she’d chosen someone notorious for being super-combative and difficult to deal with. My wife and I had already come to terms amicably on the major points, and I was concerned about losing that amicable tone once the attorneys got involved.

To both attorneys’ great credit, that didn’t happen, and we sealed the deal with no rancor whatsoever. Evan did the primary drafting of the agreement and was very open to my input and edits. When my wife’s attorney returned drafts of the agreement with suggested changes, Evan was adept at spotting new issues and working with me to iron them out quickly and efficiently.

Mine was an easy case, but I know from experience that easy cases can spin out of control and become difficult or worse. I appreciate that Evan did everything necessary and nothing unnecessary to help an emotionally-charged situation go as smoothly as it could.

Family Law

I have gone through my share of attorney’s being in every court you can imagine with my ex . For the past 13 years I have been in family, civil,supreme, criminal .anywhere my EX can drag me . SO you can imagine what I have spent on attorney’s ,who are mostly 90% useless and only want to make money on you and are happy when your case drags on and on. With Evan Widerkehr he is so calm cool and collective.. He sits in court and seems so calm that you think omg is he going to do anything. Then attacks like a pitbull And gets You Everything He promised… All I can say is amazing .if you are looking for a caring and amazing attorney he is your guy.. and I Have Taken Lawyers to arbitration because they were so useless. So trust me when I say amazing..

I met Evan Wiederkehr in April 2011 having been cast into an unanticipated need for a divorce attorney. I had two small children at home, a full-time job, an apartment I could not afford without support, and I was operating in a fog. I spoke with seven attorneys prior to choosing to work with Evan, from a “shark” on Wall Street to an eccentric woman who worked out of her chaotic apartment on the UWS.

From the outset, Evan was patient, genuinely caring, and most importantly, exceeding sharp with divorce law. He communicated in a way that made me comfortable he would do the very best possible job for me. This was precisely what he did throughout every step in the process of our settlement. He left no stone unturned. I can’t count the number of times he told me to trust him, I have, and I came out on top.

I was maneuvering entirely unfamiliar territory. He was ready, willing, and able to answer every question I had, even occasionally during off hours. He calmed my fears regarding the best interests of my children and our financial security. He reassured me that I and my kids would be ok. We are.

Life can take unexpected turns. You just deal with it. There are people, like Evan, who are there to help.

– T.A.

Evan Wiederkehr and Faith Miller

I have known Faith Miller and Evan Wiederkehr for almost four years during which they guided me through a complex, difficult divorce after a marriage of four decades. With the highest caliber of legal knowledge and professionalism, they cared for my needs on a financial and personal level. At all times my future and well being remained paramount. I am grateful to them for ensuring that I could move forward from this change in my life with dignity. I can give the highest recommendation to Ms. Miller, Mr. Wiederkehr and their associates for their legal expertise and personal concern for their clients. – 64 year old professional in Westchester

Going through a divorce was the most challenging time in my life. Faith and Evan gave me the support and comfort I needed every step of the way. They were by my side for every court date and all aspects of both my custody and financial trial. The advice they gave me helped me to achieve the best possible financial outcome I could have hoped for. When it came to custody Faith and Evan were upfront and honest about all possible outcomes of a custody trial. I was completely informed and supported in all my decisions. The divorce process can be a very lonely one but with Faith and Evan I never felt that way. Whatever the issue I was able to reach out to them day and night for advice and guidance. They were quick to respond and file the necessary paper work and follow through until a judgment was made.

My divorce has now been final for six years and unfortunately I have ongoing issues with my ex and I know I can reach out to Faith and Evan anytime I need to. They treat me with the respect they did when I was an active client they were talking to on a daily basis.


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