Podcast Inside Divorce: Practical Advice on Mental Health

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Lisa Zeiderman was the featured guest on Hindell Grossman’s popular podcast, “Inside Divorce: Practical Advice.” Lisa spoke about mental health issues prior to and during divorce, and how to handle red flags when they show up. This discussion includes the topics of narcissism, borderline disorder, bi-polar disorder, and gaslighting. Lisa also talks about the importance […]

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Will On-line Marriages Lead to Digital Divorce?

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How Matrimony is Transforming From Intimate to Virtual During the Pandemic By: Stacy Schneider Marriage is going digital. Is divorce far behind? New York City, the epicenter of the Covid–19 outbreak, is geared up to offer couples virtual marriage licenses. A trip to downtown Manhattan and a long wait in line are no longer required […]

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Co-Parenting in the Pandemic: Agreements on “Ground Rules” for Social Distancing

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The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic presents a special challenge to parents who are divorced or in the process of getting divorced. Social distancing, sheltering in place, and keeping yourself and your children safe is challenging enough without the added complications that necessarily come when a child spends time in two different homes. What happens when you […]

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CNN Money: Alimony payers lose tax deduction under GOP bill

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By Jackie Wattles First published on CNN Money Breaking up is hard to do. But the GOP tax bill could make it even harder, divorce lawyers say. The final version of the tax plan, which was released Friday and is set for votes next week, eliminates the tax deduction for alimony payments. Divorce lawyers say this […]

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Miller Zeiderman LLP’s Faith Miller and Lisa Zeiderman Admitted to the Supreme Court Bar

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New York – December 11, 2017 – Miller Zeiderman LLP is pleased to announce that founding partners Faith Miller and Lisa Zeiderman have been admitted to the Bar of the Supreme Court of the United States by the Honorable Lewis J. Lubell of the Westchester County Courthouse. They were among 32 attorneys from across the […]

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MarketWatch: Under Trump’s tax plan, divorces are about to get a lot nastier

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There’s no longer a silver lining to paying spousal support. President Trump’s tax plan unveiled this week will abolish tax deductions on alimony. This won’t impact people who have already agreed on their payment amounts but — assuming the GOP tax bill is passed by Congress — this new arrangement will be in effect for divorce decrees on Jan. 1, 2018 and thereafter. “This will create a total reevaluation of divorce cases,” said Malcolm Taub, partner and co-chair of the divorce and family law practice group at Davidoff Hutcher & Citron LLP. “It’s major.”

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