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Psychology Today: Lisa Zeiderman’s Legal Matters Blog: Covid-19 Struggles Continue for Separated and Divorced Parents

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Psychology Today: Legal Matters Blog The Pandemic Continues: Tips for Continuing to Co-Parent By Lisa Zeiderman, Esq., CFL COVID-19 is not going away any time soon. It is more likely than not that we are going to be dealing with pandemic-related uncertainty through this year and well into 2021. Given the stresses of the pandemic, […]

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Divorce: What to Expect – Podcast featuring New York Family Law Attorney Lisa Zeiderman on How to Divorce a Gaslighter

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Lisa Zeiderman, a New York family law attorney, was a featured guest on the podcast, Divorce: What to Expect, on the topic of how to divorce a gaslighter. Gaslighting is a particularly damaging form of emotional abuse, and divorcing a gaslighter has unique challenges that can be addressed with guidance and support. In addition to […]

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Psychology Today: 5 Legal Tips to Prepare to Divorce a Gaslighter

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5 Legal Tips to Prepare to Divorce a Gaslighter By: Lisa Zeiderman, Esq Listening to the new The Chicks (formerly The Dixie Chicks) song, Gaslighter, I was reminded again of the extreme emotional pain a manipulator of this magnitude can introduce into a spouse’s life. In the lyrics of this song, it appears the partner […]

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Psychology Today: Bipolar and Looking for Love

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The New York Times column “Modern Love” has long served as a source of romantic wisdom for New Yorkers and the unlucky in love of the world. While the television series Sex and the City, whose main character — a freelance writer with the inexplicable ability to afford a Manhattan brownstone — and her relationship with financier Mr. Big may have […]

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