Faith Miller’s Testimonials

great lawyer

Faith was hired after I tried several others. Faith is a great lawyer fighting for justice and never giving up. Faith is helping me fight a case going on for years with no results or even light to nearing its completion. From the minute Faith came into the case taking matters under control, with her great effort and understanding she immediately delivered super progress in the case. Faith is a lawyer that has great knowledge in law, always backs her words and sticks up to her promises. Faith takes matters in her own hands and you never have to fill her in with updates or run after her for things to get done(as seen by others already) for she is always on top of the case and takes care of matters immediately and efficiently. Faith also has a well established and organised office staff that are also filled in with details so the client always feels comfortable leaving a message which they give over promptly. Faith always returns calls right away and responds to emails right away even when on vacation or holidays. Faith also has given me her private cell number to reach her during weekends or after hours if necessary. I would definitely recommend using her for anyone looking to find justice after a divorce.

Best Advocate for Her Clients

I’ve known Faith Miller, Esq. for almost five years, which is when I retained her to represent me in both family and supreme court- emergency Orders of Protection, custody and a divorce action . My divorce commenced in 2012 and went on just shy of year. My former spouse and I had two very young children at that time and I was facing the prospect of never seeing them again, due to nefarious accusations and greed. Faith was sympathetic and immediately assessed the situation and determined what had to be done to accomplish my goals and reunite me with my children. She gagged my emotions and told me the realities of what to possibly expect in proceedings and explained things to me in ways that made sense to me and gave me hope. She also told me in respectful ways when my aspirations might not be realistic, and explained that, if put forward in court, may actually backfire.

All too many lawyers, including others I have dealt with, are all too happy to lodge unrealistic expectations in order to prolong a case and thus be able to charge more in their fees. Faith never did that. Not only is she an ethical lawyer when it comes to the law but is an honest lawyer when it comes to her clients. Faith had a decades long background as a child advocate prior to my retaining her. While she understood that I wanted the children, tomorrow, now…yesterday, she patiently and clearly explained to me the steps I would have to take to get the children back. In short, Faith’s style made the painful process of divorce bearable.

I did not know what my former spouse’s counsel would say or my ex-spouse for that matter, but I was better prepared psychologically (and without a doubt legally) for it, thanks to Faith. This is ultimately what got me through a dark chapter in my life and has allowed me to have an equal, meaningful and loving relationship with my daughters. Thanks to Faith, they now also know their grandparents and extended family too. As an unexpected bonus, Faith also and gave me the confidence to remarry – a good and kind woman whom the kids adore. I would like to end by saying, that if she can, Faith will keep you OUT of court, assuming a solution can be reached. I had this experience first hand when my agreement with my ex recently had to be altered due to a change in my work circumstances. Most lawyers would chomp at the bit to go to court, again sometimes with ulterior motives. This is not to say that Ms. Miller is not tough and knows her stuff and when she represented me in court she was a fierce advocate and formidable opponent, however, she is rational and level headed and takes all the variables into careful consideration when planning with and for her client the best way to handle a situation or issue. If I had to go to court again, or if I ever have issues concerning my children I would immediately retain Faith Miller again and know, without doubt, that I would have the best representation possible.

Divorce is one of the most stressful experiences that a person can ever go through however Faith Miller saved me. She was my voice, my advocate and walked me through every step of the way. Because of Faith and her amazing team my divorce was as painless as possible. They kept me informed on a day to day basis and answered my questions promptly. The office is very organized and competent. Exactly the type of people you want on your team when you are vulnerable, confused and need someone else to take the wheel. There is no one that could have helped me the way Faith did. She is a true professional.

I came to Faith Miller after dealing with a custody case that was going nowhere for a year and half. Prior to her involvement.. I was fighting for the life of my daughter who was abandoned by her mother and left with her ex-boyfriend. My daughter was not being cared for properly, had no friends, doing terrible at school, awful hygiene and clothes . . How the system failed my daughter puzzles me to this day. I felt lost and nearly hopeless. My previous attorney decided he was not qualified to handle the case further, (which was surprising since he always presented himself as the only attorney that can win), however he walked off with nearly 100k+ of legal fees to his pocket. Here I was, a young educated professional, worked in a high paying field for over 20 years, never got into any legal trouble in my entire life.. yet fighting for my own daughter away from a man who has a long history of abuse, drugs, alcoholism, anger issues and fraud… it was surreal.”

When I came to Faith Miller and I shared my soul to her. She was very understanding and professional. She was clear not to give false hope and worked solely on the facts. Her team took my case because (I believe) they were doing to right thing and believe in my cause to save my daughter. Faith had her team do a forensic approach to the entire case and personal histories of all parties.. They uncovered many things that were not handled correctly within the case and quickly litigated results. Faith’s team aggressively challenged the opposition till they all eventually were dismissed and/or conceded. In the end; after a just a few court visits within short period . . .my case was turned completely around and my daughter was saved.. Finally reuniting with together.. and happily so.. Full custody living with me full time… A dream come true for both of us

Faith won the “un-winnable case”. She did it.. for me and most importantly for my daughter

Since this case ended, my daughter is a candidate for National Honors Society 2014/15, performs in musical theatre and films, loves being outdoors & adventurous, is an avid skateboarder, loves to reads and write poetry. My daughter is saved and it happened solely because of Faith Miller.

My attorney’s name is Faith.. With Faith in your life… all is possible!!!!

FC, client, 5/6/14

When I met Faith Miller I was on my second attorney, worried I would lose my children, in the worst financial situation I have ever been in and all because I wanted a divorce from my abusive spouse. I could not have imagined that she and her team could ever turn that tide of despair around. She was able to correct mistakes my former attorneys made, navigate a broken court system effectively and bring my long drawn out divorce to a relatively speedy conclusion. I wish I had known of her from the beginning. I truly believe I would have saved years of litigation, pain and suffering for me and my children and thousands of dollars.

Faith is an extremely good attorney, without a doubt. She is also very caring and patient with her clients. She is honest with expectations and does not promise what she does not believe is possible. She has, however, done some remarkable things.

She has on her team a wealth of experience. Her associate Jennifer Jackman is also an excellent attorney and has represented me in Faith’s absence. When you decide to go with Faith’s firm you will also get the full breath and experience of the team.

I recommended Faith to family and friends who were considering divorce and I will continue to do so.

– BM, May 2014

Divorce is definitely one of the hardest moments in ones life….Faith Miller was recommended to me by a friend….I expected Faith to be a lawyer who would facilitate the divorce and subsequently child custody issues that followed. I did get a lawyer, but by going to Faith I also got a support team. This team has been going through a lot of ups and downs with me and they have managed to find a solution for almost all the problems we have encountered. Their kindness and thoughtfulness at the worse possible time in my life have been a lifesaver. The entire team is amazing.

I have known Faith Miller for almost four years during which they guided me through a complex, difficult divorce after a marriage of four decades. With the highest caliber of legal knowledge and professionalism, they cared for my needs on a financial and personal level. At all times my future and well-being remained paramount. I am grateful to them for ensuring that I could move forward from this change in my life with dignity. I can give the highest recommendation to Ms. Miller and their associates for their legal expertise and personal concern for their clients. – 64 year old professional in Westchester

Going through a divorce was the most challenging time in my life. Faith gave me the support and comfort I needed every step of the way. They were by my side for every court date and all aspects of both my custody and financial trial. The advice they gave me helped me to achieve the best possible financial outcome I could have hoped for. When it came to custody Faith was upfront and honest about all possible outcomes of a custody trial. I was completely informed and supported in all my decisions. The divorce process can be a very lonely one but with Faith, I never felt that way. Whatever the issue I was able to reach out to them day and night for advice and guidance. They were quick to respond and file the necessary paperwork and follow through until a judgment was made.

My divorce has now been final for six years and unfortunately, I have ongoing issues with my ex and I know I can reach out to Faith anytime I need to. They treat me with the respect they did when I was an active client they were talking to on a daily basis.

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