Lisa Zeiderman Published in New York Law Journal

Lisa Zeiderman, Managing Partner at Miller Zeiderman LLP,  authors the latest article for The New York Law Journal. Read the full article.

New York Law Journal

Lisa Zeiderman Published in New York Law Journal

Lisa’s latest article in the New York Law Journal is coauthored with her colleague, Liza J. Trazzera, Esq., and highlights the importance of understanding the ins and outs of attorney-client privilege in divorce.

“Divorce attorneys often find themselves in a position where other professionals such as forensic accountants, vocational analysts and computer forensic experts are needed to analyze data, perform business valuations, trace separate property, locate hidden assets, generate lifestyle analysis reports, evaluate a party’s vocational abilities and earning potential. An attorney may also retain consultants to review and critique forensic child custody evaluations.

“… Initially, you should advise your client what are and what are not confidential communications and the significance of the privilege attached to the attorney-client relationship. An essential requirement of the attorney-client privilege is that an attorney-client relationship must be established and the client’s confidential communication to the attorney must be for the purpose of obtaining legal advice or services.”

Originally published in The New York Law Journal   Read the original publication here.