Everyone is talking about artificial intelligence. Here’s what you need to know about how it might affect divorce.

The Potential Benefits and Drawbacks to AI in Family Law

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can potentially change how divorce cases are handled. Some experts believe that AI could make divorce less contentious and more efficient. For example, rather than each spouse hiring their lawyer and going through a lengthy and expensive court battle, they could use an AI program to draft an agreement on the sensitive issues of the divorce. The software would consider all of the relevant factors in the case and provide a proposal based on data rather than emotions.

AI programs could also help uncover hidden assets and sources of income, streamlining the process of resolving contested equitable distribution, child support, or alimony cases.

There is a flip side to the AI coin, however.  The primary drawback of AI mediation is that AI lacks the emotional intelligence of human beings. The child’s best interest – including their emotional best interest – is the most critical factor in any divorce involving children.

AI is nowhere near being able to replace the roles that skilled divorce attorneys and seasoned judges play in a family law case. As this technology becomes more widely available and accepted by family law attorneys, the ability to add a human touch and achieve results that go beyond “mechanically fair” will be what sets some attorneys apart from the rest.

The Dark Arts of AI in Divorce

Highly realistic yet artificial videos, fictional photos and even audio – “deep fakes” – can be created with AI and used to create the appearance of one party engaging in wrongdoing that could harm their legal standing in a divorce or custody case. Similar technology is already wreaking havoc in news and politics, as AI makes it easier than ever to fabricate evidence.

In a world of deep fakes, it is more important than ever to ensure that you work with a proven family law attorney who can collaborate with computer forensic experts to look out for your legal and financial interests in your divorce.


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