Recently Divorced? Put Together a Summer Custody Plan

LZ Summer Custody by martin dm Getty Images Signature

While the anticipation of summer brings some people great joy, it might also stir other emotions such as sadness, loneliness, and feelings of anxiety, especially if this year is going to be different because you are recently separated or divorced. Lisa’s latest article in Psychology Today discusses some tips for building a summer custody schedule, which […]

THE Amicable Divorce Expert with Judith Weigle

Lisa was a guest on Judith M. Weigle‘s popular podcast, THE Amicable Divorce Expert, to talk about identifying financial abuse in marriage or divorce and how to handle it.   They also talked about orders of protection, what to do if you do not have enough money to pay an attorney, and many other challenges […]

It’s tax time. Are you in the midst of a divorce and not sure how to file?

Here are tips to be ready (Hint: Talk with your divorce attorney as soon as possible.) Your taxes will be due before you know it and there are certain aspects to finalizing your tax return that are unique to divorcing couples. Lisa Zeiderman, a New York-based matrimonial attorney, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst and Certified Financial […]