Lisa Zeiderman’s Testimonials

There is a solution to your complicated divorce/separation…

There is a solution to your complicated divorce/separation…

…and her name is LISA ZEIDERMAN. She and her team expertly maneuvered my poor starting position to a much, much, MUCH better result! Professional and knowledgeable, she handled every aspect of my divorce with incomparable skill.

Great Results! Very Pleased With The Outcome!

Initially, when I went in for a consultation with Lisa I explained to her what was most important to me. Amazingly she was able to achieve exactly what I was looking for.

Lisa is very tough but very fair and I was quite confident the entire time that my best interests were being preserved. The attorney for the other side seemed almost helpless when up against Lisa and appeared frustrated most of the time.

Lisa has a very competent support staff including Kevin who is an excellent attorney in his own right. I highly recommend Lisa and her firm!

Hidden assets
If you’re thinking about divorce, RUN don’t walk to Lisa’s office! She and her team (shout out to Matthew and Ashley) are superb. I had a very complicated divorce with assets hidden in every unimaginable place possible including offshore accounts. Lisa with her phenomenal intellect and keen instinct was able to search and discover millions of dollars that was missing from the marital estate.

My ex-husband was uncooperative and refused to disclose anything. It was truly astonishing how thorough and methodical the process was as she guided me through it. I’ve never witnessed that much attention to detail. Nothing was left uncovered, every lead was followed and nothing was left up to chance.

Lisa is a legal powerhouse in every way you can imagine. There was never a moment of doubt from the first consultation, through discovery, and ultimately to court that I didn’t whole-hardheartedly believe in her ability to get the job done.

There is nothing that can compare to her tenacity, determination and negotiating skills which are par excellence. Even after the case was settled in my favor, Lisa continues to help me with the dissolution of the estate to insure I get my rightful share of the assets.
Once the case is hers, you can rest assured that you’ve hired the very best attorney who will deliver the best results possible. She’ll take the ball and run with it to the finish line. The opposition won’t know what hit them. There is simply no better attorney than Lisa when it comes to divorce. Believe me, you won’t be disappointed. I certainly wasn’t and couldn’t be happier. Divorce is hard but winning makes it easier. Just make sure you have Lisa on your team.
Best Lawyer!
When I started my divorce, I didn’t know what to expect. What I quickly learned was that the lawyer I hired always seemed too busy for me. She was challenging to reach, often with a week or 2 passing before getting back to me and seemed too passive for my needs. I also was stunned more than once when she seemed to be confusing me with someone else.

After a year of my making allowances, I finally cut the ties and that is when I found Lisa Zeiderman. She was just what I needed! She is smart, attentive and thorough. Beyond that, she was the aggressive counterpart I was seeking and made sure she always had my back. Her associate, her paralegals and the office staff were always very responsive– getting back to me the same day I called, without exception. The entire legal team was on top of my case, each one very organized and attentive.

Just exceptional service– kind, honest, respectful and most important, excellent legal representation. I am very happy with the settlement that she was able to secure for me.

I would definitely recommend Lisa Zeiderman and her firm without hesitation.
Hired Lisa
Lisa is brilliant, tenacious and creative!
I can’t recommend Lisa enough!
I was referred to Lisa by another attorney which is always a good place to start. Lisa had not only my best interest at heart but also my children’s and anyone that knows me know I lead with them. The first time I spoke to her I knew she was the attorney for me. She is no nonsense but caring at the same time, I remember after our first meeting I asked if I could hug her good-bye and she said yes without hesitation (I am a hugger). Lisa listened to what brought me to her and then very strategically decided the best route for us to take. She always made sure I was in agreement but to be honest if you hire Lisa there is no need to question her strategy. Many times we would come together with the same exact thoughts in mind.
I will say that there were a few times we didn’t agree and she and I worked it out always able to understand where the other one was coming from. The most common thing friends would say to me is “the lawyer’s get rich, they drag it along…” NOT THE CASE HERE!! This could not be further from the truth. On many occasions Lisa would say we could do that but I don’t think you need to spend the money to do that. Once example that comes to mind was my asking if we should prep for a meeting with my ex and his attorney beforehand.
She said whatever we need to do we can do over the phone, I don’t think you need to spend time and money to meet right now. She said she would always let me know when that is needed. I could go on and on. All I can say is you need to hire this person, you will not regret it. One last thing I would like to add is that I felt protected and for me that was very important.
Lisa does not break!
At some point in your divorce, you will reach a point where, emotionally, you are breaking down and can’t fight anymore. This happens even in “good” divorces (mine was not a “good” divorce!).

This is why you need a lawyer like Lisa. Professionally speaking, Lisa DOES NOT HAVE A BREAKING POINT. She will fight for you until the fight is done and you get everything squared away and get the best possible deal you can get. There were many many times during my divorce when I was really ready to give up, and told Lisa as much, and she totally got it but just kept fighting for me anyway, until everything was squared away and I got everything I needed. She is the best. She is tough, she is smart, and she thinks ahead for you. You are in good hands with Lisa!
Excellent, Smart, Tenacious
Lisa handled a post-divorce custody dispute for me and was absolutely amazing and got results for me that I never imagined. She is a strategic thinker and an experienced litigator who knows how to win over a long period of time. She is honest and dependable and never afraid to tell the client both the good and the not so good aspects of a particular situation. Lisa made herself available at all times including nights and weekends. She was a strong advocate, but maintained a professional approach at all times. I often felt like she was the only one around me who truly “got” the big picture. I trusted her implicitly, and as a lawyer myself, valued the service and dedication that I was receiving. Lisa was determined and detail-oriented, but she was always conscious of not having fees get out of hand.

As a mother who had gone through an expensive divorce, I appreciated that as well. She has a keen understanding of all that makes a good divorce/family attorney – human nature, parenting, children and, of course, the law. She knows it inside out and is confident in her approach. All of this led me as the client to feel like my child’s needs as well as my own were being fought for in a thoughtful and smart way. I would never have imagined such a result and having Lisa guide the very difficult process made it happen.
Hiring her was the best decision I ever made
Finding Lisa Zeiderman was nothing short of a miracle, and no one believes me when I tell them I found her on Avvo. Three years ago, scrolling through the web, feeling desperate and beaten down, I read the reviews on this site. They came from men and women, plaintiffs and defendants, those in the right and those in the wrong. All of them said the same thing: she is without peer. Up until three weeks ago, when she got me a better settlement than I had any right to expect, Lisa was my avenging angel, my Amazon warrior goddess, my Suze Orman. She held my hand when necessary, helped me to confront reality and get my financial life in order, and ultimately to become the woman I should have been long ago. At a time when I felt alone and helpless, she always had my back. Although my husband could never reach his extremely expensive attorneys, she took my phone calls on the weekends and at night.
Brilliant lawyer and advocate!
I first started out in mediation but quickly became nervous with the way things were going. I didn’t feel comfortable I would be taken care in a fair manner and that I had someone in my corner with my best interest in mind. I was a stay-at-home mom, I hadn’t worked outside the home in over 10 years, and I was scared.

After reading all the wonderful reviews about Lisa (and she was not the first attorney I contacted), I decide to meet with her and I’m SO thankful I did. She is everything in every great review written about her. She absolutely had my back throughout the entire process. Lisa defended me to the best of her ability and always did the right thing down to the smallest of details. I felt very comfortable confiding my concerns, thoughts and issues. She always listened, talked through the details with me, and came up with a strategy. Realizing I needed more than legal advice and support, Lisa even introduced me to a fabulous therapist who has been a tremendous help to me (and still is).

There is much satisfaction in looking back to the beginning remembering my ex saying he’s going to “bring in the bulldog” to fight me, and it was QUITE the opposite as I was the one who ended up with the bulldog! A bulldog in fabulous outfits, but none the less, a bulldog! 😉
When you really need help
After spending time & money on Mediation (which helped move my X out of my house but didn’t move the divorce along), more time & money on an attorney who wanted to set up a battle field (that would have bankrupted me and caused irreparable damage) I was referred to Lisa Zeiderman by a dear friend. In a short space of time, with little stress and heartache, Lisa helped me craft an agreement that my X was able to sign and allowed us both to preserve our good will and our spirit. Qualities so often lost in hideous battles. Lisa was a voice of reason and of hope. I would recommend her to anyone entering into the painful, heartbreaking process of severing their marriage. She will help you make it as painless as possible.
Wonderful lawyer
Lisa is a focused, direct, strong, honest and effective advocate. She was particularly forceful and intelligent during depositions. She did everything possible to advance my case at each step of the process, and was always clear with me if my expectations were unrealistic. Because of her hard work we were able to avoid a trial.
Outstanding and Caring
From the very beginning, Lisa instilled a feeling of confidence in me. During tis very difficult time, Lisa was a great support and assured me that things would turn out well. They did. Lisa looked out for my best interests and was tireless in her efforts to do everything in order that I would have a secure future.. She is not only an outstanding attorney, but one who cares extremely well for her clients. One could not ask for a better attorney.
Hire Lisa-she’s the real deal
If you want a lawyer who guides & listens to you & takes the reigns when you are going through a most difficult & vulnerable time; then hire Lisa.If you want a lawyer who really knows the law & delivers with precision & passion & integrity; then hire Lisa.If you want a lawyer who responds quickly & doesn’t waste time;,then hire Lisa.If you want a lawyer whose got your back,plays fair and sees the outcome of the whole picture;then hire Lisa.She’s the real deal.
What a diamond…
Lisa Zeiderman was and remains the reason I am able to live my life fully as a mother and a single one at that now. My marriage was difficult and the details were painful. Lisa kept me grounded, focused and determined as a human being, which gave me the confidence boost I needed to move on. This confidence is why I am the best mother possible. She was tenacious and yet she was kind, she was bright yet she was not cocky, she’s tireless and yet, she knows when to scale back. To this day, I am thankful and grateful to her because my ex and I are now in a good place to parent our child, which never would have happened with another lawyer. She made the experience that much more human. I will always refer her to others. They are lucky to have her.
Dedicated, Energetic and Efficient
While going through the process of divorce, Lisa Zeiderman consistently demonstrated a high level of knowing the business, and the law. Her thoughtful dedication to the safety of my children and myself gave me the confidence I needed to endure the process. She is fearless, strong, energetic as well as efficient. I appreciated her good communication skills, availability and timeliness of responses. Her staff were highly competent, and very pleasant to deal with.
Responsible, Competent, and Responsive Attorney
I found Lisa Zeiderman back in 2008 when I was undertaking an emotionally difficult divorce. Finding Lisa was invaluable. Her approach was thoughtful, sensible, and reasoned. Being a retired attorney myself, I could appreciate Lisa’ competence and her good sense. Lisa was great at helping me take the approach I wanted to take in the matter while also doing a good job of pointing out things it wasn’t clear I could be as objective about. She was a strong advocate without being overly confrontational and she was sensitive to costs, all of which were important to me. Lisa was also responsive. Recently, I needed to reach out to her (over five years later) about a small outstanding issue from the divorce. She remembered me and responded immediately. I’ve recommended Lisa to friends/acquaintances based upon her work on my behalf.
An extremely positive experience
Not only was LIsa Zeiderman knowledgeable, responsive, and trustworthy, she was also willing to listen and discuss my practical necessities – she was able to help me weigh family priorities along with strictly legal ones. One of the most common things you hear about divorce lawyers is “they just want to make money off this” and that they protract the battles. I hope that’s not true of many lawyers but i can certainly say it’s not true of Lisa. She fights the necessary fight to do the best she can for the client but not at the expense of keeping the time to minimum and sanity at the maximum.
Couldn’t have done it without her!
I was in a long marriage with a difficult man and I was afraid I would never be able to get out. I had been to see other lawyers but I could never commit to separating; I just never felt that I would be safe. But when things deteriorated, a friend recommended Lisa and I went to see her. She was the first lawyer who I felt really understood and more importantly, cared about my situation. Throughout the time she worked with me, she was invariably understanding, patient and strategic. I feel like she always had the time to talk me through the actions I needed to take, explaining why and why now. I know it couldn’t have been easy because I was terrified but she never got frustrated. She just kept explaining the steps to me and I was able to hear her and follow through. She was always attuned to my safety (there were weapons involved) and gave me courage that I didn’t know I had.
Happiness is a great divorce lawyer!
Lisa is a great attorney. She has that rare combination of real listening skills, and an ability to educate you on legal and practical matters. She is able to understand the importance of every facet of your case, and helps you pull it all together. She is very easy to talk to, and I knew after our initial consult that she was someone I could go to when things got very stressful or too “complicated”. My first impression of Lisa was that she could be strong and tough if I needed her to be, but she was smart and skilled enough to know how to be a respectful, professional, strategist and negotiator. She has high energy and I always felt she gave me a high level of service and that she was on top of my case. A few weeks into my hiring of her, I realized how correct my first impression was of her, and she proved to be above and beyond what I could have hoped for. Lisa never made me feel like I was her “case” or a “file.” She took a sincere interest in me and took her role in my life-changing event extremely seriously. Her understanding and thoughtfulness made her my trusted advisor. No matter what your situation, or the outcome of your case, I am confident that choosing Lisa to represent you will be a decision you will be happy with for the rest of your life.
More than a Great Lawyer
I cannot say enough positive about Lisa as an attorney and a person. She tremendously navigated many issues for me, including divorce, child custody, and relocation. I felt that she listened to me and understood what was most important to me and best for my situation and ensured those objectives were front and center and reminded me of what was most important when I got distracted by ancillary difficult issues and emotions. I thought her ability to relate and understand was incredible. She is a very accomplished lawyer with excellent negotiation skills and positive interactions with the judges. I found her deep commitment to me and my case to be phenomenal. I appreciated her candor and ability to cut to the chase. I hold her in the highest regard and would recommend her to anyone that wants someone to fight for what is beat for their client.
if you have her ,you’re fine
If you need anything about divorce-custody-marital issues ,you need to use her. she’s on the ball ,sjh knows what she’s talking about and she makes you feel good about it.
she would never promise you something she can give you and tells you as well when she can’t do it.

she’s fair and she’s there to win and no games.i would totally recommend her to anyone for sure.she blows everyone and anybody away by a mile.she totally knows what she’s doing.
Brilliant lawyer and outstanding professional!
Lisa provided unequivocal outstanding representation for me in my case. She was referred by 2 friends, and I have referred Lisa to my friends as well. Here is a short list of reasons that she is an incredible lawyer:

1. Extremely intelligent and Incredibly professional. She can understand complexities in finance, business and gets to the bottom of aspects in a case rapidly.

2. Winning instinct. Lisa takes her profession very seriously. She is loyal to her clients and does her utmost to win cases and steer best best possible outcomes in favor of her clients.

3. Great communicator. She is incredibly responsive, both in email and on the phone. Her legal written communication skills are fantastic. 3. Attention to both strategy and detail. Lisa is always looking at cases from both aspects.
Highly recommended
Lisa is someone who gets right to the bottom line-she is direct and fair. Her way of communicating worked very well for me-first, she explained what was happening and answered any questions I had about the process; then, she offered advice and helped me weigh the pros and cons of every decision. Once a decision was made, she stuck with it and worked to maximize the benefits and minimize the risks.

In addition to her legal expertise and ability to communicate clearly and efficiently, Lisa understood the emotional and psychological factors that came into play. It was obvious to me that she had taken time to calculate these factors and that her advice and treatment of the issues that arose was a function of this understanding. The fact that she tailored her decision making to my unique situation put my mind at ease and helped me to trust her and the process in a way that I would not have otherwise been able to do. She was always on top of the issues and kept me abreast of all new information. Her combination of legal expertise, understanding of the underlying issues and ability to stay focused even when things got complicated and messy allow her to stand out as a divorce lawyer and professional.
Lisa changed my life.
I interviewed several lawyers before I hired Lisa. From the day I met her, I knew she had the best interest of my children at hand. When things become crazy, she always went back to the day we met and focused on what I really wanted.

My divorce was one of the most difficult things I have ever been through. I discussion to divorce my husband was mine and my ex-husband did EVERYTHING he could to make it difficult for me. Because Lisa was always one step ahead of things, and I listened to her, she avoided wasting time and money.

I cannot say enough positive things about Lisa, she is loyal, professional, no matter how many clients she has, and you always feel like you are the only case she is handling. Although at times she told the truth you did not want to hear, it mattered. Lisa changed my life…
Lisa is an exceptional lawyer!
Lisa showed remarkable skill in my divorce case. She was smart, strategic, detailed-oriented, and cost-efficient. I always felt I was in the best of hands with her no matter how difficult my case was. She worked at times around the clock, and even on her vacation, to meet deadlines and dodge bullets from the other side. I really trusted her with my life and she came through for me 110%. I have also recommended Lisa to many friends and all have been very pleased with the work she has done for them. She really is an exceptional lawyer, and a very special person.
Best Divorce Attorney!
Lisa represented me in my divorce. I was married for 18 years with two kids, property and a 401k i wanted to keep !. Lisa fought for me in a way i never expected. She was personable and did not threat me like just a client but a person with feelings through a really rough time. She was compassionate, available supportive and kept me informed every step of the way. My family could not believe that while on her vacation Lisa stay in touch. She also did not create unnecessary expenses for me knowing that the process would be expensive and although most items are unavoidable and taking my situation into consideration she even recommended something as simple as dropping off a file to the courthouse to minimize courier cost . Some attorneys would not have even made that suggestion.
An attorney with whom it was a pleasure working with!
Lisa has been a pleasure to work with. She is smart, intelligent and goes in fire for her clients. She did a great job and got me a very successful outcome. I don’t usually like attorney’s but she has been an exception!
Highly recommended divorce attorney
Lisa is a lawyer of integrity, knowledge & boundless energy. She promptly replied to my many calls and most importantly advised me through a difficult situation.She is tenacious and will fight for you all the way. She is the advocate you want to have during such a stressful time.
Consider others...then go with Lisa
Hiring Lisa as my attorney was the second best decision I made in my divorce...after the decision to get divorced. I had initial consultations with 3 attorneys - all came well recommended and were professional. But only Lisa struck me as immediately "getting" the issues with my ex, and she had a specific plan for how to address those issues. She's now represented me for almost 5 years in this matter - through settlement negotiation, trial, and lots of complicated ups and downs in between. She's not fighting for the sake of fighting or racking up a bill. She's realistic - she will tell you when you're wasting your time / money. She'll tell you when you're overreacting. But if you do need to fight, she will have your back and be your fiercest advocate. I recommend her to anyone without reservation.
Strong, smart and tough!
Divorce is a super challenging experience and I went through a nasty battle while working and dealing with cancer. Lisa was the best friend I needed in my corner. She and her Associate, Matthew Marcus fought tirelessly for me and my daughters. Lisa wasn’t afraid to be frank and honest with me. She pushed me to stand up. Thanks to Lisa and Matt, I was granted full custody of my daughters and than I would have expected from my settlement. I could not recommend any attorney highly. Lisa is honest, ethical and hard working. Her team has a level of professionalism rarely seen and they maintain this standard no matter the fight they face. Thanks Lisa and Matt!
If you want results, hire Lisa!
Retaining Lisa and watching her work is an experience I will never forget. At our first meeting, she laid the cards on the table and told me all the possibilities of what could happen. She made certain I was aware it was going to be a very tough situation and never sugarcoated anything simply for the sake of my retaining her. Because of this, I was completely prepared in court, especially knowing Lisa was besides me. Lisa is tough and always a step ahead of the opposition. She knows what course of action to take whatever the obstacle, never backing down to any opposing counsel. Yet she is well mannered and gracious to the court, which many attorneys are not, winning favor with the judge. During a grueling very long experience in court, Lisa was able to get the results I went in for...and that was physical and legal custody of my child. She is smooth, witty and an extremely nice person to work with but she is also a tough negotiator and tactician, being very disciplined in her approach. Don't try to second guess her advice. Just take heed of it! She is relentless to achieve the best outcome as well as compassionate to her clients feelings, even calling me when she was vacationing in Italy because I was distraught. Her call gave me assurance of her concern and kindness at a time when everything was unsettled. You will regret it if you hire anyone else. Your future and the future of your children depend on it!
Best decision I ever made!
Looking for a competent attorney to represent you while going through a divorce and custody matter is difficult but finding one you are able to build a relationship of trust with is a rare find. Lisa has been a God send to me and if their is any attorney that I would trust with any major decision, especially concerning my is Lisa. Since day one when I spoke with Lisa, I indicated to her that my #1 and only priority was the safety and welfare of my child....she was able to lay down the framework of how my case would proceed. She is a disciplined attorney that took charge from my initial consultation right up to the culmination of my extremely complex divorce and custody issue. She is brilliant and when Lisa advises you to take a certain action, you do it without question or hesitation. Nothing could ever prepare a person for the emotional roller coaster of going through a complex child custody matter and divorce, but Lisa ALWAYS made herself available to me at any time of the day or night to help talk me through and set the expectations in all facets of my case. I always felt at ease knowing Lisa was there for me when I needed her. She is calm and likable to the judge........ in court she is tenacious and fiery.....and when she speaks she is poised, passionate and only presents facts. She does not grandstand. When she speaks in court, everyone...even the opposing counsel listens. Her team is second to none. Emily, her associate, was excellent and guided me through many of the obstacles encountered as well. Thank you, Emily, so much for being there with Lisa. You were a great team! My case was extremely complex and and Lisa was on top of everything for over 2 years striving to get it resolved with my child's welfare always being most important to her. Lisa left no stone unturned in her investigation and quest to make certain that my child was always the main concern. For me, the end result was having received full custody of my child. If you're looking for a divorce attorney, just look online and you will find one. If you need to win your case and are willing work with a compassionate attorney with the non-stop perseverance and a winning team then you found the best with Lisa Zeiderman. Thank you, Lisa, from the bottom of my heart for keeping me strong and positive throughout this ordeal.
Outstanding, brilliant, honest funny and the best decision I made!
I will try to enumerate all of the ways that Lisa and her excellent team helped me through a difficult divorce, but first let me say that is you are facing a divorce from someone who made you feel small and ill-equipped, frightened because they held all of the economic power, or confused with constant emotional manipulation, then Lisa Zeiderman is the attorney that you need. Why? Because Lisa constant reminds you (and she is right) that divorce is an emotional ordeal that can only be handled well if you take the emotion out of the equation and turn the reigns over to someone who will not succumb to all the the "things" that made your relationship unworkable. Lisa is your champion and she will not be swayed or turned by your former spouse's manipulations or equivocations because she sees your divorce with a clear and expert eye that you do have, but that you desperately need. I implore anyone who dreads this process (and let's face it, anyone sane should dread this process) to hire Lisa and her firm, because they will always put you and your needs first and always give you honest and clear eyed representation. She save my life and this is not hyperbole.
Lisa can help against all odds
I came to Lisa after two other attorneys had failed to move along my case, while costing tens of thousands of dollars. She did this in part by being willing to risk litigating, recognizing that my x would not move forward without that. She was able to help untangle what the other attorneys had done that put me in a less favorable position to lead to the best outcome on both custody and finances that I could have attained, and to do so without trial. She is no nonsense and helped navigate where to use the courts and where to use settlement. My x was very difficult and dishonest and she was able to keep me and the case from being manipulated by him and his somewhat incompetent attorney. One example is that I wanted to move to Westchester, out of NYC where my son (now 7) had lived before the separation. While she set my expectations low as to whether we could accomplish this, in the end we were able to make a deal that allowed me and my son to move. I should also comment on how she handled the deposition of my x--she was tough and pointed and was able to demonstrate the fallacies of his argument in a truly impressive way. I recommend her very highly.
I highly recommend Lisa Zeiderman
Lisa did a great job with my case. I am a newly divorced father of three great kids and my ex and I were not having an amicable split. From our very first meeting, Lisa understood my situation and, importantly, she understood my ex and the way my ex thinks. Because I was in a custody fight, Lisa advised me not to move out of my apartment until the judge said I could. I ended up living almost another year with my ex while also taking her to court. Lisa understood what was at stake for me and gave me great advice on how to deal with my ex while still living with her, as well as what strategy I should use in dealing with her when she got confrontational. In our first meeting, Lisa also took the time to describe to me the judges we might face in court, their personal tendencies, how I might fare before each and how she gets along with each in court. I thought this was very insightful and it shows how much thought Lisa puts into her work. Lisa is very sharp and very tough in a deposition. She conducted two eight-hour depositions of my ex, and through both she was focused and persistent. She never let my ex, who can be very evasive and confrontational, off the hook. She never backed down and she made it very clear to both my ex and her attorney that Lisa was in charge of the deposition. Also, at the end of the second deposition, it was discovered that my ex had altered documents that had been submitted to the court. And after my ex was forced to confess what she had done, Lisa asked her if she had come to the deposition intending to tell the truth. And my ex answered "No". This was really quick thinking and a great question on Lisa's part and my ex's answer was devastating to her case. Lisa was very honest with me. Throughout our year-long court case, Lisa explained the different strategies and discussed the financial implications of each, vis-a-vis her fees and the possible outcomes. She also managed my costs extremely well. Lisa is very efficient with her time and always informed me up front of any possible added costs (whether they were consults with one of her Firm's senior partners, or weighing the cost of a court reporter from the Pearl River area vs. the cost of a court reporter from Manhattan). Lisa's knowledge of the court and the judge we faced was far superior to my ex's attorney's knowledge of the same. Lisa knew when to talk and when to be quiet. She knew what this judge wanted to hear and she knew how to say it. Every time we were in court, the judge had issues with my ex and with my ex's attorney. And whenever the judge ordered us out of the room to meet, Lisa, in the heat of the moment, gave me great advice about what to acknowledge to my ex and what not to acknowledge. In the end, my not moving out was the best thing I could have done. Because my kids are older, the judge immediately put my ex on the hook for having all this time to get a job and doing to support herself and our family and for failing to do anything. Lisa got me the custody arrangement I wanted. She got me a financial outcome better than what either of us thought I would get in the end. Her fees were fair especially relative to what a Manhattan attorney might have charged me. All in all, Lisa Zeiderman was well worth the investment. Lastly, I have referred several friends and acquaintances to Lisa and each has retained her and is happy with her work.
I highly recommend Lisa Zeiderman
Lisa Zeiderman represented me in my divorce and child custody in Supreme Court. I often characterized her as a pit bull when describing the effort she put into my case. My ex-husband was intent on creating a battlefield out of the proceedings. Compared to others going through divorces, I know I had some very unique circumstances surrounding my case. From the onset, Lisa and I discussed what my wishes were, what was most important to me and what was the least. Throughout the proceedings she kept my priorities in mind and strategized ways to attempt to attain the outcome I had desired. When all was said and done, I had received everything that I was entitled to, and some things that I believe I might have lost if she hadn't been my attorney. Lisa Zeiderman thinks outside of the box and because of that I had a favorable outcome in my divorce. Lisa then represented me in my child visitation in Family Court. Again, Lisa understood what my children and I desired as a result. Once again, Lisa was faced with somewhat atypical circumstances regarding my ex-husband's criminal behavior and present lifestyle, his past efforts to see and communicate with our children and the fact that my children were adamant about not having their father in their life. Lisa clearly and professionally presented the arguments in court that allowed my children to gain proper representation through the court. Lisa was very clear when explaining to me what the judges usually order in cases similar to my own that include children of my children's age. At the conclusion of my visitation case that Lisa Zeiderman handled, we reached a unique agreement, that granted my children's wishes. I know that it was Lisa's ability to communicate and maintain my position with my ex-husband's attorney that led to this outcome. Throughout the time that Lisa Zeiderman represented me (approximately 3 years total for both cases), she did not create needless costs to me. She obviously understood the financial burden that a single parent with a an ex-husband who was intent on fighting was facing. She had the foresight and honesty to tell me what was and was not worth fighting for. In the end, everything that I had hoped to receive, in my divorce, custody and visitation cases had been attained. I would highly recommend Lisa Zeiderman especially to anyone who is aware they will be challenged in their divorce/child custody/child support proceedings.
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Counsel, Friend, Warrior
My divorce should have been simple. We were young, had no kids and were married for 15 months. Due to a variety of circumstances (including the structurally inherent ability for any party to drag a matrimonial case through the expensive and painful rounds of pre-trial work regardless of the merits of the case) the case was not simple and went on for longer than the marriage. My X went through three lawyers in that time and spent almost five times as much money. I had one lawyer who steered me through it all and the simplest way I can put my experience of her work would be to call in a blessing. I am the son of a lawyer, have handled the legal aspects of my business for 10 years and feel I have a good handle on what makes a good lawyer in the pure lawyering sense. Lisa was creative in her strategies, forceful yet measured in her responses, broad in her assessment of risk, and thorough in her review. While the other side seemed to miss simple procedural checkpoints Lisa was consistently crossing all the t’s and dotting all the i’s. When she needed a sounding board on a strategic decision she never let her ego restrain her from asking the sound advice of her colleagues and senior partners. I was consistently impressed and grateful for the quality of her work. My father, a very successful corporate lawyer in NYC for 30+ years was similarly struck by her work. So she’s an awesome lawyer. But here is what impressed me the most: she never forgot the human side of the case. She was thinking of my emotional state of being and was not simply a tactician out for blood. My experience of divorce was that it was overwhelming. The pain of loss and grief and anger was at times all-consuming. To know I had someone in my corner who I trusted, who genuinely had my interests in mind, was not just trying to run the clock, who was fierce when she needed to be and was always sharp; allowed me the time and space to process the emotional side of my divorce with minimal worry over the legal proceedings. I thought of her as counsel, a formidable warrior in the courtroom and a friend.
Being represented by a Tiger:)
Lisa was representing me....and how well she did it!!!!!! I have filed for divorce in Feb.2010, and settled in Oct. 2010. My ex is very aggressive person, initimidating peple is his specialty, and very, very difficult to deal with....especially when it comes down to "money" matters....But, little did he know about Lisa, as she DOES NOT get always combat ready....and committed, first and foremost, to protect her client, it's assets, and safety. There were situations where I was so scared....scared for my safety....for my finances....losing everything that I have worked so hard for for the past 10 Years while being married...built the business with my ex from a scratch , and turned it in to a very profitable one....while neglegting my own career....just to get in the situation where I have to file for divorce as my ex had ongoing, daily affairs and was highly disrespectful towards me...agressive...verbally very abusive....and many ! I must admit that I was ready to walk away with very little just to have this divorce finalized ASAP as I've had to have daily communications with my husband being that we were both running our business...and finalizing the divorce would mean that I will step down, and not to have to take a single phone call from him any..That alone was worth a lot to me then any money you can not put a price tag on the happiness and freedom. Great thing about Lisa is that she was able to recognize my feelings, have utmost respect for my wishes, was very much empathetic towards my request to wrap things up as I wanted out so badly....but in NO CASE was she ready to let my ex walk away with my money....Therefore, she has used all of her knowledge, that I would say is very extensive, to "break" my husband, which she totally did while she did deposition that was going on for 6h...and followed with the settlement talk for 2 hours....unheard of, I guess...or that is at least what my other friends that are Attorneys as well, are telling me! She made the deal for me and had me walk away with almost triple then I was asking her to try to get it for me!!! And asking at the end if I was happy!!!! I wasn't happy...that is such an understatement...I was ecstatic!!!! Still can not believe that she got me much then what I wanted only for such a short period of time....I hear many people complaining about not being able to reach their attorneys...having many unanswered quiestions, or conerns...having them not return the calls for days....not knowing what's going on as they are to busy handling too many clients... Well, let me describe Lisa's work ethic...she is very busy lady, but makes you feel like you are the only client she has, will attend to your e-mails, phone calls, concerns or request in a very timely manner...will e-mail you while vacationing in Italy...or on a Sunday morning...late in the evening....just anytime you need her! And that means everything, especially if you are in distress, need help, and need your attorney ASAP...she WILL be there!!!!!! And another of her great traits is that she was able to calm me down (which is not an easy thing if I am "freaked out", let me tell you that:) regardless of how scared the delopments were.... So, it was very important to me to share my experience with Lisa with you people out there as I know how helpful this web site, and reviews written on it have helped me to chose the Attorney that will be representing me thru such a hardship called Divorce. And thanks to all of you sharing your story with us!!!! I was very pleased with Lisa, privileged to have her representing me...and wish her all the best!!!! She was my ROCK thruout the whole process, and that means a lot if you know for 100% that your Attorney has your "back" and is on guard at all times!!! Good Luck to all of you that need one!!! Be strong, do your homework, collect the evidence that you need, hande it over to Lisa, sit back and enjoy watching her in action...kicking your ex's b...! Oh, that was the most enjoyable moment of them all!!!!!!
Very tough and sharp
Lisa helped me navigate through a very long (1.5 years) and painful divorce. She managed to get me a deal that was much better than our prior informal agreement in all aspects of the deal (money, asset separation, visitation rights etc). And that's despite my ex's lawyer clearly trying to burn money and make things very difficult by filing all sorts of meaningless motions and refusing to accept fair and logical compromises. There are several things that Lisa pleasantly surprised me with: * She was very cost conscientious and tried not to waste my money. There are lawyers that value reputation over immediate profit. * The way she handled depositions and questioning was just scary - sharp and quick with responses. She managed to get things out of my ex that I thought her lawyer was going to through her out of the window for saying them under oath. Some of them were border line jail time things. I would definitely not want to be on the other side of Lisa. * She knew all procedures very well and even managed to catch my ex's lawyer failing to file some important form. This would have resulted in the whole case thrown out with probably some stiff penalties for my ex's lawyer. That alone forced them into settling the case as they could not possibly go to trial without that form. * She even caught the judge double-booking the trial time (expecting us to settle and not come to the trial) and use that as a bargaining chip.
She's amazing
A friend and colleague recommended Lisa. I cannot thank her enough. Lisa was the third lawyer to represent me after two years of a difficult and wrenching divorce process. By that time, I felt disillusioned and demoralized and only wanted "it" to end. From the moment I sat down with Lisa at her round consulting table to discuss my case, I knew she "got" it. My spirit immediately lifted from the depths of despair. I knew I found an ally, someone I could trust to give me good and sound counsel, and someone who could help me complete my divorce. No small feat. Lisa has the winning combination of intelligence, compassion, kindness, strength, integrity, grace, humor, common sense and boundless energy. She was always available when I needed her. Her fees were than reasonable and if she charged double her rate, she'd be worth every cent and (But, thankfully, her fees were lower so I was lucky enough to be able to retain her). Beyond being a superb and savvy lawyer, I want to emphasize the human dimension here. As a psychologist working regularly with others' pain, I know first-hand how important this quality is. Amidst the pain and loss inherent in divorce in general and my divorce in particular, throw into the mix parental alienation, and the pain can feel unbearable at times. In all this, Lisa proved to be a rock, a kind and caring rock that I could lean against when I felt dizzy, confused, and at a loss for what step to take next. She led me by the hand, guiding me to take one step after another, until I found I walked a mile, then two, and before I knew it, a marathon. She remained calm, steady, level-headed and forceful, qualities I have gradually internalized as we worked together this past half year. My ex-husband decided to represent himself, pro-se, after the collaborative process collapsed a few months earlier. When I went back to my first lawyer who I used before the collaborative process, he asked me to share every email my husband sent me with respect to the divorce. Before I knew it, there were constant flurries of email exchanges between my ex-husband and my attorney. Needless to say, his billable fees soared, and my plea that I not share every single email given the mounting legal fees, fell on deaf ears. When I shared this with Lisa, explaining that my ex-husband was happy to write endless emails to her as he acted pro-se, and my fear that once again, I'd be paying huge fees each month, she said not to worry. She would not be so engaged and highly selective in her responses. And she was. My divorce stipulation was signed in November about two months after I retained Lisa. My prior attorney had drafted a divorce agreement that was filled with gaping holes and that did not protect me in many ways. Lisa not only filled those holes but rewrote the entire agreement starting from scratch. Best of all, she crafted an agreement that was beneficial to me in so many ways and one that had built in mechanisms to protect me. She anticipated actions my ex-husband might (and did) take and each time he has tried to breach the agreement, her advice to me to follow the agreement and not deviate from it in any way has proven to be very sound advice. In sum, I cannot recommend Lisa highly enough. if you want a mensch of a lawyer who is bright, energetic, filled with integrity and compassion and an absolute joy to work with (see earlier adjectives as well), then Lisa is the attorney for you.
Simply put: Best In Class; You cannot do better than Lisa
After a (too) long marriage, my ex finally had me "served." She took the kids, all the money, and demanded everything I had...and then some. I had four days before I was to appear in court, and I honestly had no idea what to do. I turned to an attorney friend (non-matrimonial). He read all the legal documents, said nothing, picked up his phone, and called Lisa to tell her I would be calling within the hour. From the moment I spoke to her on the phone, Lisa calmed me down, told me exactly what to expect (good and bad), and explained that while I might not go to trial, we had to prepare...and that the entire process could take 1-2 years, minimum, to complete. (She was right; I wanted it over quickly, but she continued to encourage me to slow down, not give too much or to give in too early, and to just be patient.) I had no other choice but to trust her judgment...and thank goodness I did. She told me exactly what to do and how to prepare--and she chastized appropriately if I ever strayed from her advice and counsel. My ex used several attorneys during the entire process, but Lisa never wavered, was never flustered, and met every "restart" with the same professionalism--and balanced blend of careful offense with staunch defense--as she had from the first moment we spoke. The best thing by far about Lisa is that she knew exactly what she would done to me had she been my ex's attorney. I would never play chess--or poker--with Lisa! She knows the local courts, personnel, staff, etc., and not only did she mount a strong defense--and in my case, a very strong one was needed--but also knew exactly what kind of offense to expect from the other side. She was literally never wrong in terms of what she expected from the other side...and she routinely identified errors in my ex's strategy and tactics, and used them--and the court's own idiosyncracies--to prevail. Lisa turned around requests instantly--including during vacations and holidays--and although I know she had many clients, I always felt like I was her only one. She cared enough to introduce me to other professionals who could help me with the emotional and mental anguish of the entire process, too--what other attorney does that??? I literally walked away from my divorce without spending a ton of legal fees, settling better than I ever thought was possible (financially and with respect to my children), and on somewhat civil terms, even, with my ex. I see my kids than I thought I would (joint custody), and pay very reasonble support. And most importantly, I've learned some incredibly valuable life lessons about marriage, how to protect myself--and my children--should I remarry, and how to minimize legal issues/fees in the future from my first marriage. You simply cannot--and will not--do better than Lisa. I strongly recommend her without reservation. And may God help you if you are on the other side of the table from her! THANK YOU, LISA--you saved my relationships with my children, and you have made it possible for me to start over with a clearer head, some assets in my name, and a non-zero bank balance. THANK YOU!
Life Saver
One year ago, I came to Lisa with the impossible request of modifying my child custody order; an order drafted by my former attorney who I naively trusted and who deceived and misled me. Lisa was honest and straightforward with me from day one. While my previous attorney falsely raised my hopes and expectations and over billed me, Lisa was the opposite - she told me the good and the bad of my situation. Despite the tremendous task I presented her with, Lisa and her team orchestrated a victorious trial. Through wisdom, good intuition, perseverance, and unparalleled dedication, she and her firm were able to correct the damage done by my prior attorney. Lisa served as a smart counsel, a mentor, a coach, and a trustworthy ally. I am so grateful to her and her firm for representing me and advocating for my daughter and I so we could rebuild our lives and start a new chapter. Lisa did everything possible within the legal arena to lay the foundations for us to actually be able to lead normal lives, despite my ex-husband's assault and the profound mistakes made with my prior attorney. I echo other client's words when I say that Lisa is a caring, trustworthy, knowledgeable, highly dedicated, and assertive attorney. She possess qualities other attorneys do not; qualities that can make a tremendous and meaningful difference in your and your family's lives.
A God sent
I was married to a compulsive gambler and an alcoholic. I had three different attorneys who were not able to handle my ex and his aggressive attorney. I had a legal aid attorney who would have ruined my life had she herself not pulled out. Two weeks before my trial and I had no one to help me. I prayed at my friend's gravesite to please help me find an attorney, turned to the internet and found this wonderful woman with these amazing reviews, so I called, and thank God I did. My case was going on for four miserable years. Lisa is the only one who immediately did the right thing, she immediately did a contempt order. That order helped settle our case. Even at the end, when I just wanted to settle and get my legal divorce, Lisa would not settle until the Jewish get was signed, otherwise I would have been stuck as an "agunah", a woman who could never get remarried or be really free. After four years I really didn't care at that moment, but Lisa held her ground and my ex signed both the get and the divorce within a day of each other. Lisa really saved me and my sanity. Thank you Lisa, and even though you said to me, it's a business, you didn't really treat it as such. It may be a business but Lisa showed that it doesn't have to be a cold harsh one.
Tremendous Attorney Lisa Zeiderman!
Not enough positive adjectives in the English language to describe the work Lisa did for me, but I will try. Super smart, savvy, intuitive, responsive, hardworking, no nonsense and fabulous. She is truly the "pit bull in a skirt" that I was told she was in the sense that she grabs hold of something and doesn't let go. And yet, she is fair to the other side (or at least appeared to be to me!). She doesn't come off so tough that the other side cannot negotiate with her. In other words, she knows how to make a deal, like the best of them. But, where she is truly better than the "best of them" is her intuitive skills. She had the unique ability to truly understand the other side (my husband) and from reading his emails to me and from listening -- really listening -- to my stories, she helped me to respond when I was so emotional I couldn't do so on my own rationally. But importantly, by understanding who he was, and what he wanted, she knew better how to negotiate with him and his atty. You cannot negotiate if you don't know what the other side wants too! Common sense right? Yet, how many attorneys really make that effort to truly understand their client, let alone their client's husband? And yet, she would tell me when I was in danger of wasting my money, like when I should've been talking to a therapist instead of an attorney! She is not one to run up your bill for the sake of it. She is very efficient and does what she has to do w/o wasting your money. Also, Lisa's availability -- including phone calls from her vacation overseas, to late night emails to returning phone calls on holidays -- was nothing short of wonderful. I would recommend Lisa Zeiderman without hesitation and vouch for her professionalism unconditionally.
4 am
It was 4am and I was on Avvo looking for an attorney when I came across Lisa Zeiderman's reviews.......I felt an immediate connection with the people she had helped previously. Divorce can be one of the toughest experiences someone can go through. After trying hard for a long time to keep my marriage together for my kids and the sake of the relationship my spouse and I once had, my wife filed for divorce with the objective of setting herself up as if it was a career move. I guess it kind of took me by surprise but the person I trusted and loved was out to drown me.......Lisa Zeiderman was my life raft! At first I chose a competent attorney with a low retainer, thinking we could settle out and move on......but then I found out that my wife's attorney was part of a group of attorneys trained long ago to make false, sweeping accusations and distort the truth in an effort to back their opponents into a corner and scare them into making hasty, short sighted settlements favoring their clients. I knew I needed help and someone that would not only act as an advocate for me but guide me through a process that often does not make sense. There is no doubt that the best decision I ever made was having Lisa Zeiderman represent me. My wife quickly positioned to take all the money and the kids, and was looking to set herself up for years to come by tossing me aside & sacrificing me for her own financial benefit. Lisa is extremely good at reading the situation and adjusting as you go through the process to whatever is transpiring. She is very smart and never ever gives up. She is kind, fair, firm, understanding and I always felt protected......even when it seemed like the walls were closing in. Lisa's teammates were fantastic as well; her whole office and her partners were always there to help me. In the end I got the custody deal I wanted; which was the most important part to me. I also was able to get to a financial settlement that allowed me to get on with my life and retain just about all that was rightfully mine. There is a reason Lisa is rated so highly; its because she is consistently good at what she does. While there is no magic wand and every case is different, I wouldn't have made it through this very stressful time without Lisa.......I am forever grateful to Lisa for my sake and my kids! THANK YOU LISA! Do not hesitate any further; it's all true, Lisa is the best attorney you can retain and you want her on your side not sitting across from you on the other side!
Child Custody and Grandmother Petition
My daughter lived in NYC at the time her baby was born. She and the father were living together but not married. After the baby's birth, it became evident to my daughter that she was in an emotionally abusive relationship. She had known that the father was mentally unstable soon after she had gotten pregnant, but he was getting medical help and was on appropriate medicine so she thought, with her support, that they could stay together. Unfortunately, like so many others with mental difficulties, he thought he was better and didn't need to continue taking his medicine. It became a very bad situation. My husband and I live in another state, but, fortunately, we have a good friend who is an attorney here. She made several phone calls for us and spoke with several lawyers in New York, and she felt that based on her conversation with Lisa that we should contact Lisa. We did and were very impressed with Lisa's knowledge and professionalism. My daughter filed immediately for custody. Now someone not familiar with the court system might think that this would not be a complicated case since the father was mentally unstable. I don't know if all judges in NYC are as liberal as this judge was, but Lisa had her work cut out for her. I don't know what we would have done without her wise counsel helping us every step of the way. Lisa was always on top of things. She would explain everything clearly to us. She listened. She could anticipate happenings and would prepare us for all of the variants that we could encounter. She was extremely kind and understanding, especially with daughter who was emotionally distraught and fearful. My daughter bonded with her immediately, which was, of course, crucial. She felt she could really talk to Lisa and Lisa would understand. Lisa was always responsive to our Emails and our questions, even when she was on vacation (which is when things always seem to happen!) Lisa earned our trust and our respect. She is little, but she is mighty! We thought we were finished when my daughter got full custody of our grandson; but the day after we won the custody case, the father's mother filed a Grandmother Petition, and, so, another round began. Lisa showed her exceptionalism once again. With the custody case settled, my daughter was finally allowed to leave the State of New York, so she moved near us. The Grandmother lived in yet another state, but we all had to return to New York for the hearings because that was where the child had resided 6 months prior to the filing of the petition. Lisa had to research the law of the state where my daughter now resided as well as the law of the state where the Grandmother resided in addition to, of course, knowing the laws of New York regarding Grandmother Petitions. Again, her skills were invaluable. Once again, Lisa prevailed in preventing the father, who is allowed supervised visitation, to skirt the law and see the child without supervision in his mother's home, where he resided. Lisa was able to see through the veiled attempts to manipulate the court and the misrepresentations of the facts. Her intuitive agility is remarkable and is one reason she is in a class by herself. We feel that Lisa's abilities saved our daughter's son, our precious grandson, from much mental turmoil and possibly even unintentional danger to his life (if the father were to have an episode in his presence and were not constrained). Release from this situation has also given my daughter a chance at a stable life and a healthier and brighter future. Lisa saved all of us, and she will always have our unbridled respect and admiration, as well as our sincere and deep appreciation. We would highly recommend Lisa, without reservation.
RUN, don't walk to Lisa Zeiderman!
My divorce was very high conflict and lasted five and a half years. I could write volumes on all the mistakes I made and fill a book with all kinds of emotional and legal advice to sustain you throughout the process. HOWEVER, the absolute best advice I can give you is to RUN, not walk (as I initially did) to Lisa Zeiderman. I went through two attorneys and three years of divorce, including a year and a half in the Collaborative Divorce process (big mistake), before retaining Lisa Zeiderman. Do not be naive like me! Please realize at the onset that divorce is war and that you need to enter battle with the biggest guns you have (AKA Lisa Zeiderman). My spouse is highly aggressive and manipulative, and my prior counsel did not have the wherewithal to stand up to him and thus rendered me so unprotected, I had all but lost custody of my three children. My spouse was also well on his way to dissipating all our assets in his attempts to leave me with very little to nothing. By the time I retained Lisa my divorce was a huge mess. Lisa was straight forward with me from the moment I hired her, knowing how complicated my case was she assured me that she would do all she could but at the same time did not make any promises. However, in the end, Lisa delivered beyond my expectations! She carefully untangled my very complicated case like a ninja and got my three children rightfully back in my home. She also recouped hundreds of thousands of dollars my spouse dissipated during our long divorce process. Prior to hiring Lisa, my spouse was giddy with power as he carefully schemed blow after blow in his attempts to strip me of everything I held dear. Then I retained Lisa and the buck stopped with her. My case then shifted drastically for the better. Not only was Lisa able to predict my spouses' every move, pinpoint the issues most important to my case, but also counter my spouses' never ending manipulations. Lisa just gets it! It was such a relief to have an attorney that finally had the wherewithal to stand up to my spouse - calling him out on his multitude of manipulations and prompting him to finally settle our case in a fair manner. Lisa may be tiny in physicality but never doubt how mighty she is; she does not back down!! In all sincerity, retaining Lisa was one of the best decisions I ever made; I would have lost everything otherwise. On the other hand, my biggest regret is that I did not hire her at the onset of my divorce. Please do not be naive like I initially was - RUN, don't walk to Lisa Zeiderman.
Solid and Fair Attorney
Lisa and her team are very strong, competent and capable of giving practical and helpful advice to get you through a divorce. They are focused on giving practical solutions that make sense and would recommend her and the firm to anyone in the unfortunate predicament of having to end a marriage. They were as fair as possible in billing and making sure families do not consume all of their resources on attorney's fees. i was very fortunate to have had her as my attorney and would probably still be in this mess were it not for her hard work.
Lisa is smart, thoughtful and always well prepared, but what sets her apart, and I think a notch above others, is her ability to read a situation and know now is the time to pounce or we wait with this. She is the best decision I made since deciding to divorce.
Lisa is an amazing lawyer who's work is marked not only has an extensive knowledge of the law but an incredible attention to detail. She was able to negotiate terms that I never thought possible and used creative thinking to get me the best deal based on the circumstances. As I was working on a pre-nuptial document with a trust attorney on the other side, she insisted we have our own trust attorney review the documents as a part of our team so we would be on an equal playing field. She is the most intelligent, responsive, thorough, ethical, caring and compassionate attorney I have ever come across and would recommend her highly.
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An excellent, smart, tough, responsive lawyer.

Lisa was an absolute godsend during my divorce. She was always quick to respond to questions (once emailing me back at about 1:30am)! She is able to see — and explain — both sides of a question, so I always felt I was making informed decisions. I trust her advice absolutely and am very grateful I had her to guide me through my difficult and painful divorce. I’d be in a much worse position today without her.


Lisa was honestly the highlight of my divorce. I was taken totally off guard by my ex-husband and she was the only person I trusted throughout the whole process. She is caring and understood my emotions because she was divorced once herself. I would not wish what happened to me on anyone but Lisa helped me to remain strong through a very difficult time in my life. She was able to secure a wonderful settlement for me when I was so confused about what to ask for and/or what I was entitled to. As you read all the reviews on this site, I echo their compliments of Lisa. She is amazing and look no further!
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