Attentive New York Adoption Lawyers

Adoption is a family law process by which a child’s legal guardianship is bestowed to a person or persons who are not the biological parents. When a court processes an adoption, the permanent legal obligations and responsibilities of caring for the child are transferred to the adoptive parent or parents and the rights of the natural parents are terminated.

Family law matters such as New York adoption should always be carried out to protect the best interests of the child or children, but it is also important to preserve the rights of the biological and adoptive parents. Legal representation is necessary if you are the adoptive parent and highly advisable if you are a biological parent involved in a private adoption.

If you are helping to raise your married or unmarried partner’s child, you may have no legal right to continue to co-parent or even to visit the child without a second-parent adoption if the relationship between you and your partner ends. Once a second-parent adoption is complete both parents rights are protected in the event of a divorce or dissolution of the relationship.

Adoption is among the myriad of important child-related family law issues practiced by the attorneys at Miller Zeiderman LLP. Our attorneys offer candid advice and work towards practical outcomes to all family law matters, including divorce, child support, child custody, and family offense proceedings.

The Private Adoption Process vs. Agency Adoption

Under New York adoption law, there are two types of adoption that can be petitioned in Family Court: private adoption and agency adoptions.

Private adoption consists of an agreement between the child’s biological parents and the individual(s) who intend to become the adoptive parents. The adoptive parents must submit an adoption petition, other relevant documents, and demonstrate to the court that they would make suitable and qualified parents for the child.

Agency adoption involves a child who has already been removed from their natural parents by a court and placed in foster care under the direction of an agency. If the agency decides to permanently end the biological parent’s rights to the child, then an individual or couple who apply for adoption through the agency may adopt the child.

If you are interested in either pursuing a private adoption or an agency adoption, the guidance and assistance of a New York adoption lawyer can be invaluable to your case.

Capable Attorneys Positively Influencing Your Family’s Future

The legal professionals at Miller Zeiderman LLP develop personalized legal strategies and thoroughly prepare for every case, working tirelessly to achieve optimal results for their valued clients. With over 100 years of combined legal experience, our reliable team of attorneys have valuable experience handling adoption and adoption-related matters in New York State. Contact Miller Zeiderman LLP to schedule a consultation for your family law matter. We service New York City, Westchester County, and various cities and communities throughout New York State.

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