Violations of Orders of Protection

New York City and Westchester Family Lawyers Helping You Contend with Violations of Orders of Protection

The filing of an order of protection in New York State serves to legally limit abusive behavior and may be a vital step in securing personal safety in domestic violence situations. Unfortunately, orders of protection are not always respected by perpetrators of abuse, despite the severe legal consequences for a violation. If the person against whom you have filed a restraining order has violated the terms of that order, our team of Manhattan NY family lawyers will handle your case with the attentiveness and assertiveness necessary to fully secure your safety.

Repercussions of Violating an Order of Protection in New York

Regardless of whether it is issued by the family court or criminal court in New York, a violation of an order of protection can have serious legal consequences. An order of protection outlines specific instructions by which the perpetrator must abide. If an order of protection issued by the family court is violated, the accused may be held in civil contempt for 6 months or their case may be reassigned to a criminal court, where they could be charged with a felony or misdemeanour. A felony conviction in a criminal court could result in a 2-4 year sentence in prison.
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Providing Expert Legal Advice in Domestic Violence Cases

Our attorneys apply a highly methodical yet compassionate approach to resolving sensitive family law matters. The team of legal professionals at Miller Zeiderman LLP have the knowledge, experience, and discretion necessary to handle your case and to provide you with fair and competent legal representation in the face of a difficult family legal situation.
You do not have to face the challenges of a domestic violence case without the legal protection of an attorney. Whether you have been accused of violating an order of protection or are seeking to enforce a restraining order, our Manhattan NY family lawyers are capable of tending to your legal needs.
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