Single Lady Estates – Part One

Lisa was recently a guest of Bobbie Wasserman on her podcast, Single Lady Estates — for two episodes. Here are the topics they cover in the first pod: **Relationship Red Flags: To protect yourself from financial bullying, it’s crucial to have open conversations about finances, understand expectations, and set boundaries early in the relationship. **Protect […]

Single Lady Estates – Part Two

Navigating Divorce In this episode of “Single Lady Estates,” Lisa Zeiderman shares share practical steps and considerations for divorce. This includes gathering financial documents, maintaining a civil demeanor, and understanding custody arrangements. She and host Bobbie Wasserman explore the challenges faced by women over 50 and their potential earnings after being out of the workforce. […]

What We Can Learn About Custody From “Succession”

Succession + Custody **Spoiler Alert** Lisa Zeiderman delves into what all of us can learn about custody from HBO’s hit show, “Succession,” in her latest blog for Psychology Today. She discusses how Kendall and Rava appear to work together as co-parents. “Succession” delves into the lives of the Roys, a high-profile, wealthy, and dysfunctional family, as they […]

Types of Child Custody: What You Need to Know

Every year, over 600,000 people end their relationship with a legal divorce. Inevitably, this leads parents to ask one important question: who gets child custody? Popular media has perpetuated a lot of myths about the types of child custody. We picture the kids living with their mother, only to see their father on weekends as the default. However, primary custody and […]

4 Questions to Ask a Family Lawyer at Your First Meeting

family lawyer

If you are in need of legal help, some types of law have higher stakes than others. The field of family law is worth $11 billion, by far making it one of the biggest areas of law. This area of law is so major because it deals with issues like dissolving a marriage, exercising parental rights, […]

4 Best Benefits of Hiring a Divorce Lawyer

divorce lawyer

If you need help with a divorce, you need to come prepared for everything that comes with it. The divorce rate right now is 2.5 per 1,000 population. This means that a good amount of family courts consist of divorce cases. If your marriage is moving toward divorce, it’s important that you hire an attorney instead of […]

A Financial Guide to Gray Divorce

Lisa Zeiderman was recently quoted in Kiplinger on financial issues related to gray divorce.   From the article: Even though a later-in-life divorce can be potentially devastating financially, it’s often women who initiate the process. “They may have stayed in an unhappy marriage for the sake of the children,” says Lisa Zeiderman, managing partner at the law firm […]

5 Indicators a Couple Is at the End of a Marriage

the end of a marriage

We currently have a 40% to 50% divorce rate in the United States. This shows that divorce is an unfortunate fact of life and one that married couples need to be aware of. While you don’t need to hope or plan for a divorce, you need to know that it’s a possibility, especially if some signs are […]

Recently Divorced? Put Together a Summer Custody Plan

LZ Summer Custody by martin dm Getty Images Signature

While the anticipation of summer brings some people great joy, it might also stir other emotions such as sadness, loneliness, and feelings of anxiety, especially if this year is going to be different because you are recently separated or divorced. Lisa’s latest article in Psychology Today discusses some tips for building a summer custody schedule, which […]