If marriage doesn’t seem like the right arrangement for your relationship, you’re not alone. Marriage in America has been on a steep decline for decades. Fewer Americans are tying the knot right now than at any time since records began. It’s not that more Americans are necessarily single.

Rather, people are finding alternative arrangements outside of this institution that work just fine for them. One of these is called a domestic partnership. Domestic partnerships are formal agreements between people who are living together.

They are usually entered into by unmarried couples who want legal certainty without the hassle of a wedding. If you’re considering a domestic partnership agreement, consider when you might need to get an attorney involved.

When You’re In It For the Long-Term

If you are confident that your current partner is a keeper, domestic partnerships are one of the few family law agreements that can offer lifelong support for both of you.

In the future, you may wish to purchase property or start a business. You may be in the process of doing so right now.

A lawyer will draft an agreement that lays out how these long-term decisions will affect your partnership, and who gets what in the event of a breakup.

When Assets Are Complex

If you or your partner owns significant assets – be it stocks, real estate, trusts, or commodities – we highly recommend that you contact an attorney.

A domestic partnership attorney will be able to ringfence your rights to your assets. They can help you both reach an agreement regarding assets that might have more complex or unclear ownership rights.

When You Need Protection

Family law isn’t just about certainty, but protection. No matter how perfect your relationship is, it is often the case that one partner wields more power than the other.

If there is a power imbalance, or one partner has far fewer resources than another, an attorney can ensure equity and fairness are embedded in any domestic partnership agreements that you enter into.

When the Law is Uncertain

There is no standard federal law regarding domestic partnerships. The protections and privileges they offer vary hugely from state to state. In many jurisdictions, the laws are not even clear.

If you lack certainty in what can actually be agreed upon and – most importantly – enforced in a domestic partnership agreement, you should absolutely contact an attorney before signing anything.

Domestic Partnership Agreements with Miller Zeiderman

A domestic partnership is a distinctly modern approach to family life. It’s one that offers the flexibility, clarity, and equity that working, successful couples require in the 21st century.

With the right attorney by your side, you can strike an agreement that works for both parties, now and in the future. For this, we have got you covered.

If you’re in the New York City or White Plains area and need an experienced family lawyer, do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly and professional team today. We’re here to help you get it right.

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