Kiplinger’s: Are you a female primary breadwinner? Read this:

Lisa Zeiderman, Managing Partner at Miller Zeiderman LLP  authors the latest article for the Kiplinger’s   Read the full article below. 

Did you know that marriages of female breadwinners are 50% more likely to end in divorce and that their spouse is also more likely to cheat?

In a recent article by personal finance expert Stacy Francis in Kiplinger’s Magazine, I weigh in on what this means when divorce is on the table and both sides are considering who pays alimony: 

“Lisa Zeiderman, a divorce attorney and managing partner for Miller Zeiderman LLP, often represents the breadwinner female spouse. According to Zeiderman, many of these women are high-powered executives who not only support their family but also care for the children. Notwithstanding that they are earning a substantial income, these women still manage to run the household, including, but not limited to, sourcing the children’s providers, arranging for childcare, making playdates, attending school functions and making sure there is a family meal and bedtime routine.

“Zeiderman contends that these women should receive a greater share of equitable distribution due to their greater contributions to the family unit.  Moreover, while they may have to pay alimony, that may be set off by a greater distribution of assets.  While in some marriages there is no affair, the breadwinning woman may still feel as if she is not supported enough, deepening conflicts and causing resentment that can escalate into arguing and, ultimately, divorce.”