Psychology Today: Check Your Custody Arrangement Before Booking Holiday Travel

Lisa Zeiderman, Managing Partner at Miller Zeiderman LLP,  authors the latest article for Psychology Today Magazine. Read the full article.


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Check Your Custody Arrangement Before Booking Holiday Travel

Fall is in full swing, and school breaks and holidays will be here before you know it. If you are already itching to plan a holiday vacation, it is essential to ensure your plans align with the terms of your child custody and co-parenting arrangement.

In my latest article for Psychology Today, I discuss what you need to be thinking about when splitting time with your co-parent during this period:

“Travel sites recommend that travelers book their holiday plans now, but before you book your flight, be sure to review your custody agreement. If you are still negotiating your custody issues, you should check with your attorney to understand which holidays you will spend with your children for the upcoming school year and/or to work out a holiday and vacation schedule.”

Getting all this finalized soon might help reduce anxiety around the holiday season and set the stage for making wonderful memories with your children.

Originally published in Psychology Today Magazine.  Read the original publication here.